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Why is a Tenant Criminal Background Check important for Housing Providers?

Many Housing Providers require their Tenants to undergo a criminal Background Check as a condition of tenancy. One of the most important reasons is to help ensure the safety of both the Landlord and the other Tenants in the building.

A criminal Background Check can verify that potential Tenants have not been convicted of any crimes that would make them ineligible for tenancy. It can also help avoid renting to Tenants who might be more likely to cause damage to the property or disturb other Tenants. By conducting a criminal Background Check, Landlords can help to screen out potential Tenants who may pose a risk to the safety of others.

What is a Rental Background Check?

Background Checks provide Landlords and Property Managers with valuable information that can help them make informed decisions about who to rent to, and ultimately keep their properties safe and protect their investment.

A thorough report can help to identify any past criminal activity or history of violence, which can be a major red flag for Landlords. Additionally, Background Checks can also help to verify a potential Tenant’s rental history and employment status, which can give Landlords some peace of mind that they are renting to a responsible and reliable individual.

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How to choose the best Landlord Background Check Service?

A rental Background Check is a screening process that Landlords and Property Managers use to evaluate potential Tenants. It often includes information such as a Tenant’s past employment, rental history, and criminal background. The goal of a rental Background Check is to help Landlords identify Tenants who may be high risk or likely to cause problems during their tenancy.

Landlords should look for a service that is affordable, instant, and gives them an easy to read report. Other considerations include the number of databases searched as well as the number of countries the report covers.

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Tenant Background Screening FAQ

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We provide Canada’s first affordable Tenant screening that is delivered in under 5 minutes with all the information you need and none of the gimmicks.

Our Credit Checks for Landlords are a long-form Equifax credit report that include score. They also include all the other information you need to choose the right Tenant for your vacancy, you will find current and former addresses, employment confirmation, credit history (tradelines), credit balances, collections, bankruptcies, inquires, aliases and Tenant Records.

Our Background Checks provide you public information from over 110k databases in 240+ countries. Background checks give you information on the applicant’s employment, historical addresses, education, criminal records, court decision, public press releases and more.

FrontLobby’s background screening puts the best available data into your hands quickly, at an affordable price, which allows you to select the best tenants and protect your investment.

To perform a Background Check you will need the applicant’s full legal name, date of birth, and current address. If the applicant has lived at their current address for less than 6 months, their previous address should be used. A SIN/SSN number should be added when available, but please note a consumer is not legally required to provide their SIN/SSN on their Tenant application. Please enter as much information as possible and double check that everything is typed correctly, as the more information you can provide, the higher the probability that data will be found on the applicant.

A good Background Check searches over 110k databases in 240+ countries to provide critical information on an applicant. Background checks give you information on the applicant’s employment, historical addresses, education, criminal records, court decision, public press releases and more.

Credit Checks focus more on financial health and provide data on the applicant from the credit bureaus. When purchasing a Credit Check through FrontLobby, you will receive a long-form report that includes credit score, current and former addresses, employment confirmation, credit history (tradelines), credit balances, collections, bankruptcies, and inquiries.

Yes, it’s perfectly legal for housing providers to perform Background Checks and Credit Checks on prospective tenants. However, housing providers can only perform rental Background and Credit Checks with an applicant’s consent. Housing providers should be up-front with their requests to perform tenant screening and obtain written consent.

It is free and quick to create a FrontLobby account. FrontLobby provides an internal Recordkeeping platform with tools to report rental payments to Credit Bureaus, pull Credit Checks and recover debts. 

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